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Seven Rivers Walking | Haere Maarire - Feature Documentary

Walk for water

This feature documentary journeys the alpine to spring-fed rivers of Canterbury with walkers, rafters, farmers, children and fishing folk. An essay on the freshwater crisis.

Director / Producer / Camera / Editor : Gaylene Barnes
Director / Producer : Kathleen Gallagher
Duration: 85 minutes


New Zealand International Film Festival 2017|
Event Documentary Film Festival 2018
Wairoa Maori Film Festival 2018
Reel Earth Environmental Film Festival 2018

Walk for Water Hikoi - Exhibition Video
Walk for water

A Hikoi for the Selwyn Waikirikiri River

Producer / Camera / Editor: Gaylene Barnes
Duration: 8 minutes
Exhibited: Down at the Liffey Gallery, Lincoln, 2016

The Mobile Meat Processing Unit - Animated Short Black Comedy

Mary had a little lamb, until a mobile high-tech processing machine turns up and takes almost every living thing on Happy Valley Farm - to supply the interactive shareholder dividend payout system.

Director: Gaylene Barnes, Ed Davis
Editor: Gaylene Barnes
Ed Davis, Hawick Inkster, Gaylene Barnes
Starring: Tom Trevella, Jill Barnes, Mila Inder

NEW ZEALAND: The New Zealand International film Festival 2013
GERMANY: 9th International Short Film Festival Detmold 2013
ITALY: MasHRome Film Festival, Rome 2013
KOREA: Green Film Festival in Seoul 2013
CANADA: Dawson City International Film Festival, Yukon 2013
SYDNEY: Inaugural Cockatoo Island Film Festival 2013
IRELAND: Kerry Film Festival, Tralee


Mother's Day - Short Film
mothers day

A grieving young mother embarks on violent vigilante action with disatrous results.

Director / Editor: Gaylene Barnes
Starring: Sally-Nina Moore
Duration: 7 minutes

Screenings: Wellington Fringe Festival

Rollcall by Confucius - Music Video

Confucius and MysteriousD become trapped in a drum and bass time warp, in this sepia toned music video which incorporates archive footage. This clip was a Finalist in the New Zealand Music Video Awards 2001.

Director / Editor:
Gaylene Barnes

The Holes of History - Experimental

An experimental piece of video art that explores lost time - the holes in history. Using archive footage from Archives New Zealand with an original soundtrack.

Director: Gaylene Barnes
Duration: 3 minutes

Carpet Now - TVC

A stylish and simple spot that successfully conveys the brand of the company in a short 15 seconds.

Agency: PRIME TV
Client: Carpet Now
Director / Editor: Gaylene Barnes
Duration: 15 "


Glimpses by Confucius

A mixture of subtle 3D graphics from One Glass Eye and live footage combine to create a sensual clip for a sensitive drum'n'bass track.

Director: Hawick Inkster
Producer: Gaylene Barnes

The Canterbury Flames Netball Team - Promotional Video

The commitment and energy of the Canterbury flames as they prepare to take the National Bank Cup.

Director / Editor: Gaylene Barnes
Duration: 2 minutes

Funky Girl Hair Products - TVC

A new range of girl's accessories with a funky brand needed a fun animated look with plenty of energy.

Agency: SFM Media
Client: Mita Accessories
Director / Editor: Gaylene Barnes
Duration: 30"


Nuttelex Margarine - TVC

Loads of fresh vegetables filmed in rich Super16mm fill the screen in a successful commercial, which helped to to brand this vegetable margarine full of health benefits.

Agency: SFM Media
Director / Editor: Gaylene Barnes
Duration: 30" and 15"


Tuffy Paper Towels - TVC

Even the dog uses Tuffy paper towels!

Client: SFM Media
Director / Editor: Gaylene Barnes
Animation: One Glass Eye
Duration: 15"


Blis K12 - Throat Guard - TVC

An exciting new pharmacuetical product launches onto the market with a clear branding position helped by the clever characterisations in this series of TVC's.

Agency: SFM Media
Client: Blis Technologies
Director / Editor: Gaylene Barnes
Animation: One Glass Eye
Duration: 30" and 15"