Film and television - art directing
Kaitangata Twitch - Childrens TV Series



Kaitangata Twitch follows the adventures of 12-year-old Meredith who faces mysterious happenings on Kaitangata island.

Production Company: The Production Shed, Wellington
Director: Yvonne Mackay
Art Director: Gaylene Barnes

BEST PRODUCTION DESIGN, 2010 Qantas Film and TV Awards
BEST CHILDRENS PROGRAMME, 2011 Aotearoa Film and TV Awards

Meet Me in Miama - Feature Film

A grieving young mother embarks on violent vigilante action with disatrous results.

Production Company: Palm Tree Productions Limited
Producer: Lisa Abbot
Designer: Gaylene Barnes

"It's broad, sweet and enjoyable." Fox Studios

Scarfies - Production Designer, Feature Film

Five Dunedin students find themselves in a free squat, and a dark place, after taking a criminal captive in their basement.

Production Company: Nightmare Productions Limited
Director: Robert Sarkies
Designer: Gaylene Barnes

“While most of the action takes place inside the sprawling house, Stephen Downes’ lively camerawork and Gaylene Barnes’ production design provide plenty of depth.” David Rooney VARIETY [Cannes]

“The set was particularly authentic, with a sqaulid, freezing kitchen full of unwashed dishes and a stinking neglected bathroom that brought memories of old student accommodation flooding back...” Seth Robson THE PRESS

“Artistically, it’s an unsettling blend of crumbling, claustrophobic interiors, icy blue light and junk-shop clutter.” Daya Willis PULP

Signing Off - Production Designer, Short Film

During his last session on air, a veteran radio announcer finds himself on a quest through the streets and sewers. His mission: to retrieve a special record, in time to play it for a devoted listener. A big seller overseas,this film won awards at film festivals from Dresden to Montreal.

Production Company: Nightmare Productions Limited
Director: Robert Sarkies
Designer: Gaylene Barnes

"It wasn't just the radio announcer who triumphed in the big finale. Many of the Nightmare Productions team - including Stephen Downes, production designer Gaylene Barnes, producer Lisa Chatfield, and director Sarkies - would be key in helping make Scarfies the first feature film from Dunedin to reach the screen." Ian Pryor