The Mobile Meat Processing Unit 2009

Mary and Snowy's encounter with a high-tech meat processing truck on their idyllic family farm. A story about greed and sacrifice - the love of a simple creature, and the love for a 60inch plasma screen...

Million Dollar Tumour (Field Director) 2007

Dave Bowman's struggle to get the drugs he needs to fight his brain tumour.

Hunger for the Wild - Hare 2007

Steve Logan and Al Brown wander the hills of the Awatere valley in search of the tasty hare to make meatballs.

Beautiful Inside and Out 2004

A half-hour documentary about three women struggling with an eating disorder and the help they receive through Princess Margaret Hospital in Christchurch. A tragic story about a serious illness that contributed to the death of one of the young women.

The World at my Fingertips 2004
A half-hour documentary about a high-tech Sensory Room in Christchurch for children with autism and other sensory disabilities.
Wannabes - Music Videos 2002-5
Talented teenagers star in their own music video, in a pop talent quest.
Mothers Day 2005
Short Thriller Film about a grieving mothers vengeful retribution. What do we do with rage?
The Holes of History 2001
A short experimental piece about the lost spaces of time...



Barefoot Cinema 2008
Alun Bolllinger - his art, his film and his special life in Reefton.
Earth Whisperers Papatuanuku 2008
A feature documentary about ten environmentalists.
He Oranga, He Oranga Healing Journeys 2007
A feature documentary about eleven cancer surivors.
Hunger for the Wild 2005-8
Two great chefs, wild food and plenty of adventure. Three series of 24 half-hours for TV One.
Tau Te Mauri / Breath of Peace 2005
A feature documentary about eight New Zealand peace-makers.
Out of Sight / Out of Mind 2004

A one hour documentary following the story of Norm Madden who was incarcerated at the age of six in Templeton Hospital in the 30's, and his fight fro justice.

"They saved the best til last with last night's documentary..."

(Nominated for "Best Editing - Documentary" at the NZ Screen Awards 2005.)

When Sharks Attack 2005
Forensic evidence of shark attacks are presented in this one hour doco for BSkyB in the UK.
The Waimate Conspiracy - Promo 2004
Drama/doco about a small South Island township facing their history.
Inside Out x 8 2004
Several half-hour episodes on disabilities for TVONE,
Good Old Sex 2003
All about sex over 60... x 12 2001/3
Childrens comedy proramme about a teenager and her slightly off-the-wall family.
Open Doors x 8 1996
Several half-hour community driven episodes for TV3
Child Cancer 1996
About several children with cancer and how they and their families cope.


Kaitangata Twitch by Margaret Mahy 2009

On-Set Art Director

Yellow Pages 2005

TVC Art Director - AK

New World 2004
TVC Art Director - ORLY's
Meet Me in Miama 2003
Feature Film Production Designer - Palm Tree Productions
Scarfies 1998
Feature Film Production Designer - Nightmare Productions
(Nominated for "Best Production Designer" in the 2000 Nokia NZ Film Awards)
Signing Off 1994
Short Film Production Designer - Nightmare Productions
The Bads - Music Video


Art Director - Shuriken: Driftwood stage on the beach